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Why it is a pest

  • Nesting in unwelcome areas of their property (e.g. over an entrance doorway)
  • Roosting in large numbers in their garden at night (this is generally Starlings but can also be Pied Wagtails)
  • Larger birds such as Jackdaws taking the food (often most of it) put out for smaller garden birds
  • Noise made by Gulls and Crows (often early in the morning)
  • Herons taking fish from garden ponds

Biology of the Pest

The biology depends on the bird species concerned so varies.

Signs of Pest Presence

Presence of nests and faeces

Removal Methods

None of us would see all species of birds as a pest – and the vast majority of people welcome most species of birds into their gardens and enjoy seeing them elsewhere if they don’t have a garden – but some specific species can be a nuisance, to some people, and that’s what we’ll deal with here.

Firstly, all wild birds, their eggs and nests are protected by law, but this does vary by species and circumstance (and in far more detail than we can cover here)

But removal of birds in a situation where they are regarded as a pest is possible and there are various methods to do this, dependant on the situation and circumstances.

Whether you need help with a one-off pest removal, or are looking for regular service visits to minimise the possibility of a pest infestation causing impact on your business...

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